Total Recall / Studio Eagle / Amanda

Our Total Recall team-building program was very organized. The communication needed to complete the activity was a great team builder, but the competition was definitely the most fun. Your lead facilitator was excellent and as far as our group enjoying the program as a whole, we give it a 10 out of 10!

Northeastern University, Honors Program / Sheryl

Your Presentation Skills program was a wonderful addition to this year’s retreat. The facilitator did a fantastic job engaging the team, and wrapping up everything they learned into coherent and useful follow up tips and check lists. Many of our people continue to draw from your lessons, which shows just how effective they are. We […]

Pfizer / Anna

After the last training session I asked your trainer if he would do a debrief and brainstorming session with the shift leaders. He did, and it gave us some very helpful feedback. Your company is truly professional! You paid close attention to the functioning of each group and the verbalization of comments and questions, usually […]

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals / Ann

The program was awesome! The facilitator did a very effective job of engaging our employees, challenging their listening and cognitive skills, working together skills, and leadership skills. Our technicians and supervisors were eager to try each new challenge. We got lots of great feedback and appreciation from those that attended (no negative feedback at all).