Bridge to the Future / Siemens Energy Inc. / Joanne

Having the employees from different Siemens sites working together to accomplish one common goal was great team building exercise. Our employees had a great time building their bridges and as a whole loved it and your facilitators made the employees feel at ease. We didn’t have any negative feedback about our Bridge to the Future. […]

Igniting Team Performance / Uber / Rachel

It was great to have everyone really into what was going on. And the added conversation and teachings from your lead facilitator were a great plus. Would have loved to do more games, but all the time we spent was valuable! The best team building aspect of our Igniting Team Performance program was everyone being […]

City SmartHunt / DCPS / Carmen

Best Team Building experiences to date! Our City SmartHunt was extremely organized. The video challenges on the iPads were really fun and our group loved all the activities. We can’t wait to receive the finish video of the photos and videos you had playing at the end of the event.

Competition to Collaboration / Accenture / Cheryl

The best part of this event was seeing the cycle times reduced significantly due to better communication, collaboration; working in teams with different people. All of it was really fun – in addition to being impactful. Your lead was a fabulous facilitator and we received positive feedback from everyone, even the most skeptical in the […]