Virtual Escape Room: Escape the Office / Westminster Management / Paul

Our company enjoyed our Virtual Escape the Office program. We really had fun working together as a group to solve the mystery. The feedback I got was that it was fun and stressful but a good team activity.  We couldn’t have done it without your facilitator who was very patient and available as soon as […]

Pharaoh’s Quest / Tower Research Capital / Michelle Jin

Our Virtual Escape Room Pharaoh Quest event was very enjoyable. We had the most fun solving the puzzles, even though it was quite challenging to get started. The random grouping of teams allowed our interns to get to meet other interns and HR/managers. Participants found it interesting to see the other team’s process live.

Saving Santa! Virtual Escape Room / Equitable / Tommy Lynch

The Saving Santa Virtual Escape Room was a lot of fun and great team building event. The challenge with the physical directions to figure out the numbers was hilarious. Everyone had a good time, it was harder than everyone expected and some of the directions on how to figure out the codes confused people but […]

Virtual Escape Room: Escape the Office / Pepsico / Missy

We absolutely enjoyed our virtual Escape the Office event! The entire team at Best has been wonderful! Great customer service, great product and it was a great experience. Working together on the competition aspect of the activity was probably the most fun for our group. Getting to know global partners and counterparts that we’d never […]

Virtual Escape Room: Save the Boss / Genesys Works / Colleen Ashworth

Our team thoroughly enjoyed this event! We had a lot of fun working as a team to solve clues and spend time together that wasn’t work-related. We are a pretty close team, but it’s been a while since we did something fun together…so it felt like old times! Everyone LOVED it. We are a competitive […]

Escape the Office / Louisiana Federal Credit Union / Jodi Hebert

Our group absolutely enjoyed this event! The group had so much fun with the competitive aspect of the program. We had the org separated into department teams. It was great to have departments work together on something non-work-related. Our host Neha was incredible and very patient!! She managed our loud and unruly group very well. […]

Escape the Office / BerryDunn / Deb Creghan

Our group enjoyed the escape room! We had the most fun working together. These were new employees and their teams were based on their office. The activity gave them a chance to get to know their office co-workers better. The questions in the escape room were harder than they expected, but it was still fun […]

Save the Boss / Spectrum Brands / Cheli Loucks

Our group enjoyed Save the Boss very much! We especially liked solving the puzzles and interacting with each other during the game. This activity allowed us to connect with our global teammates in a fun and guided way, and the team would be up for doing it again! We rated our host Neha 5 out […]

Escape the Office / Teleperformance / Juan

Everyone had so much fun with the whole activity! The group was very participative, and the activity allowed people from different countries the chance to interact. Neha was an amazing and kind facilitator. They had a great time!

Virtual Treasure Hunt Trilogy: the Cave / FDA / Raya

Our group competed in the first episode of your Escape Room Trilogy called Virtual Treasure Hunt: The Cave. It was outstanding and extremely organized. The group enjoyed this challenging virtual escape room and wouldn’t change a thing. Our host was excellent, and we rated him a 5 out of 5!