Virtual C2C / Feonix – Mobility Rising / Melanie Dalton

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We enjoyed getting to know each other through this activity. Spending time together was the most fun, and getting to know each other in a structured event not directly attached to work. Paul was great at keeping us all engaged, got to know and used all our names, and empowered each team member to participate.

Virtual Presentation Tune-Up / PepsiCo / Rebecca

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I have to give a presentation to our vice president on Wednesday and after having participated in your Virtual Presentation Tune-Up program, I feel so much more confident going into the presentation. Thanks so much for everything today!

Virtual Competition to Collaboration / BASF / Susan

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How did I feel our group as a whole enjoyed the activity? They LOVED it! And they enjoyed the gaming part. Our Virtual Competition to Collaboration program was very organized, and Roy and Ryan were awesome, we had quite a few compliments on the program!

Understanding Your Virtual Team / SDI Meetings & Incentives / Craig

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Our group as a whole enjoyed the training quite a bit. It was very organized and the most fun was during the breakouts and the interactivity of the session in general. We are looking forward to diving deeper into the content, that will come with subsequent sessions with our trainer, Steve. We rated Steve a […]

Igniting Team Performance / Johnson & Johnson / Leslie

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Our group loved their Igniting Team Performance Event. All the participants were engaged. The best teambuilding aspect of the program was the card sorting challenge and the most fun was the zoom activity. The program was very well organized. Your lead facilitator was energetic and engaging and provided tasks to our group that could be […]