ePlus Technology has been a happy, repeat client of BEST’s for two years in a row when they reached out to us once again. Previously they had done a charitable event, a game show, and two SmartHunts (BEST’s sister company). Now, ePlus Technology was interested in possibly doing two more events for its national sales conference in Chicago.

Erin, our point of contact, informed us that last year her group had loved the game show. This time they wanted to create another similar event where their 300 sales attendees could use “the knowledge they learned over the week of sessions and put it to the test with a custom game show.”

The other event that Erin had in mind was focused on the IT security vendors that would be attending and sponsoring the meeting. Her idea was similar to our Mystery of Da Vinci SmartHunt®, where participants partake in challenges to gather clues to crack the code of a Cryptex, which will unlock the final challenge. Erin was put in contact with our SmartHunts team so that they could discuss her ideas in greater detail.

BEST and SmartHunts both take pride in creating and customizing events to fit our customer needs, and this time was no different.


Erin and her team ended up deciding on our Game Show Feud. Together, through several conference calls and email discussions, we were able to create for them a flawless event. Erin provided us with eight rounds of 16 questions. She wanted them incorporated into their game. She also wanted to include other items, such as the same big screen they had for their previous event. She also wanted the same facilitator because he had done such a fantastic job the year before.

Program Details

A few months later, in the Hilton Chicago hotel, 300 people gathered together for an exciting Game Show Feud! After participating in a fun and energizing ice breaker, teams of 10 were created, and with our unique design, everyone was able to join in. Our audience response polling system gives each side the chance to answer multiple-choice trivia questions, allowing everyone to compete on the main stage. Our Game Show Feud has a real game show atmosphere – with a large answer board, buzzers, and all the sound effects for lockout, and correct and wrong answers.