Matt from Dell EMC, Austin, contacted Best Corporate Events about producing multiple corporate team building events simultaneously at four separate offices around the world. His primary focus was a charitable program that gave back to those in need.


Matt had Bears and Blankets in mind for his corporate event Austin, but was willing to explore other ideas. We learned what he wanted to achieve with the events during our initial telephone call with Matt. We proposed our Build-a-Wheelchair® program, as well. The focal point of both of these programs is not only heartwarming but also involves everyone working together towards one goal: building and donating items that will help make someone’s day a bit brighter.

Build-a-Wheelchair® became Matt’s program of choice. It was decided two events would be held in the United States in Massachusetts and Texas, and two would be overseas in Ireland and India!

Program Details

Several months later, 1,000 EMC employees gathered at each of the three locations: Austin, TX, Southborough, MA, and Cork, Ireland. Therefore a total of 3,000 people built 600 wheelchairs and donated them to local charities. Sometimes, some circumstances happen that are entirely out of our control. When the Bangalore, India program was scheduled to take place, the area broke out, and curfews were enforced. The event was postponed due to safety concerns, but within less than a month, it was rescheduled and was a huge success.

During these events, teams worked together, answering trivia questions, and participating in fun activities to gain points to obtain the parts to put together the wheelchairs. Once the wheelchairs were complete, they underwent a safety inspection before handwritten notes of encouragement were attached.

“It turned out to be a high energy event dedicated to such a wonderful cause. We had over 750 participants and we completed the build for 209 wheelchairs in 75 minutes! I want to thank everyone for their support in helping put together the first giveback initiative for the combined Dell technologies team.” – Ajay, Dell.

In conclusion, nearly 4,000 people came together from around the world and helped donate 809 wheelchairs to those in need. Perhaps our happy customer said it best: “It’s been a while since I first contacted your sales department to ask about what we might work on together… phew! We’ve covered a lot of ground since then with four big programs in three countries, building over 800 wheelchairs! A BIG thank you for everything that we managed to achieve. Your Build-a-Wheelchair event was a HUGE hit for us at Dell.”
Matt, Dell

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