BMC Travel Malaysia contacted us. They had a client at the local division of Prudential Insurance who was interested in bringing around 700 people together for corporate team building  Los Angeles. They were interested in a “team-building treasure hunt” that would take place somewhere around Hollywood, Beverly Hills or the Santa Monica area.

Our sales team held a call with BMC Travel to discuss what their client wanted to achieve with this event. We learned they wanted the hunt to focus on elements that were local to the area, something that they would not be able to see or experience in Malaysia.


We had two programs in mind: our City SmartHunt® and our Amazing Chase SmartHunt®. Both of these are customizable scavenger hunts where participants use Apple® iPads® to explore the area while finding landmarks, partake in fun challenges, answer trivia, and solve clues. A perfect combination of sightseeing, gaming, laughter, and team building!

They decided on our City SmartHunt and wanted it to take place on Hollywood Boulevard. Communication is key to creating an event that will please the client. Although there were drastic time differences between our two countries, we were still able to work together with their team and design a hunt for them that would be interesting and informative and give the Malaysians a great tour of the Hollywood area.

Program Details

In May, 780 participants came together in Los Angeles for their thrilling SmartHunt! After a fun kick-off to form everyone into teams and equip them with iPads, they all loaded into buses and made their way towards Hollywood Boulevard. Once they reached the famous street, they disembarked and began to explore.

Teams worked together as they tackled photo and video challenges, answered quizzes, and touring points of interest while competing against the other teams to be the first ones to finish with the most points. The participants were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals. The following morning, during their breakfast, a wrap-up was given of their event, showcasing all of the photos and videos they had taken during their exciting tour of the city.

Their success was our passion; we worked side by side with them to create an unforgettable experience for their group.

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