Annie from Aspect Events & Communications, a planner agency based in London, England, contacted BEST looking for a corporate team building event for her client’s group traveling to Atlanta, GA. They wanted a “charitable type team-building activity” for around 200 people.

Her client was going to be traveling to Atlanta, GA, in a few months for their CEO Conference. Annie had perused our website and made a list of 12 of our charitable programs: Bears and Blankets, Bike Build Donation®, Build-a-Guitar®, Build-a-Wheelchair®, Donation Nation™, Fostering Hope, Helping the Homeless, Kids Rock!™, Minute 2 Win It! for Charity, Operation Military Care, Wagon Build Donation, and Mini-Golf Build and Food Donation.

Due to the time difference between London and the US, the majority of our communication with Annie was through email. Our sales team assured Annie that any of our charitable programs would work well for a group of her size. Annie later informed us that her client was interested in possibly going outside their hotel for the event. We had the perfect program in mind: SmartHunts! SmartHunts is Best Corporate Events’ sister company. The SmartHunt team proposed a few programs to cater to Annie’s group’s goals.


There was a changing of the guard when Cuan took over the event planning process from Annie. He was entirely up to date on our prior communication with her and had several new questions from his client. It seemed more than likely that they would be going with our Build-a-Wheelchair® program, but needed some clarification on a few things. They wanted to know how many wheelchairs would be built based on their group’s size. Also, they were explicitly requesting that the wheelchairs be donated to veterans or ex-servicemen and women. Our sales team informed Cuan that a group of their size would be building 40 wheelchairs, and assured him that our charity coordinator would be reaching out to veteran charities within the Atlanta area.

Program Details

A month later, 200 people gathered together at the W Atlanta – Downtown hotel and successfully built 40 wheelchairs! During the build, the participants completed exciting iPad puzzles, trivia, and challenges, gaining points to acquire the parts to build the wheelchairs. After each wheelchair underwent a safety inspection, the participants created handwritten notes of encouragement and attached them to the wheelchairs. After the event, the completed wheelchairs were donated to the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 17 in Gainesville, GA.