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Shell Oil, one of the largest natural gas and oil producers in the U.S., has been BEST’s repeat client for three years in a row! Deirdre, from Shell Oil’s headquarters in Houston, TX initially reached out to us for team building activities Houston. She was interested in doing a Bike Build Donation® event for their “Day of Giving”. Once our sales team had got on a call with her we learned that Shell was specifically requesting to not have any team building as part of the event, wanting the main focus to be on the building of bikes. The event would also be taking place at the same time at two separate locations in Houston. BEST worked with Shell to create a seamless and smooth flowing bike build. 25 stations would be set up in both venues, with three bikes being built simultaneously at each station. The 500 participants would come in waves throughout the event and build the bikes, which would later be donated to the City of Houston Fire Department. On the day of the event, 300 bikes were built in one location, and 200 bikes were built in another. That’s a total of 500 bikes!


The following year Shell returned to BEST, and due to the success of the previous year’s event, they wanted to do another bike build. Circumstances though were slightly different this year, Deirdre had moved onto a new job, and our new contact Karen was unclear of many of the details from last year’s event. There was also the possibility of budget restraints. After several discussions with our new contact, we were able to work out a plan of action. Many of the event elements from the year prior were similar, once again the bike build would be taking place in two different Houston locations on the same day, and the same amount of bikes would be built at each location. Following the format that was used the year before, stations were created and 500 participants built 500 bikes. The bikes were again donated to the City of Houston Fire Department.

Program Details

A year later, Karen reached out to us once more, looking to do another bike build. Originally 500 bikes were going to be built by 500 participants, just like the two years before, but then the number changed to 1,000 bikes to be built by 500 participants! Once again, the event would be done in the same process, two Houston locations at the same time. This year 700 bikes would be built at one venue, and 300 would be built at another. A few snags though were hit along the way, mainly with the scheduling of the arrival of the bikes. The two-venue locations where the bikes would be delivered would be closed the Friday prior to the event, the only day of the week they were available to receive the bikes. Usually, our shipments of materials and equipment would be scheduled to arrive 2-3 business days before the event, but in these circumstances, we needed our items to arrive much earlier. BEST worked tirelessly with our delivery service to guarantee that the bikes would arrive on the desired date. On the day of the event, 1,000 bikes were successfully built and given to the local Houston fire department.

Thank you Shell Oil for putting your trust in BEST again and again!

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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