The Importance of Team Building


Have you ever participated in an inspiring team building activity only to have the excitement and insights from that activity fade over the course of the next few months? The purpose of team building activities for work teams is to help improve their ability to work and communicate well together, but maintaining that cohesiveness requires regular practice and attention. Our team of professionals can help your company not only throw a fun and effective team building activity, but also create a practical team building plan.

How Often Should Our Company Host a Team Building Activity?
As often as possible and when your team needs it. We recommend having a team building activity once a quarter, but if that’s not practical for your company’s situation, you should have team building activity at least every six months. Interactive team building activities are recommended whenever a team undergoes a type of transition such as personnel or responsibility changes. A well-timed team building activity can help ensure a smooth transition.

Choosing an Activity
Best Corporate Events offers 30+ team building activities to choose from. You can couple team building with your company’s CSR strategy by building bikes for needy children or assembling care packages for a homeless shelter. You could also choose to sharpen your team’s competitive edge by having a Minute to Win It event or having your team compete in a realistic game show challenge.

Want to get to know and explore the town your business or office operates in? Try one of our SmartHunts scavenger hunts and solve clues and challenges throughout the city. If food is the way to your team’s heart, try one of our culinary team building activities such as the Food Truck Face-Off or the Fiesta Fun recipe contest. If you’re not sure which activity to choose, send a quick survey out to your employees and ask them which types of activities they might enjoy. Our sales managers are trained professionals at matching your group’s needs with the best program! Whichever activity you choose, you can rest assured that it will be a fun activity that will bring your team together.

The Importance of Team Building Activities
Studies have shown that regular team building can help teams be more innovative, communicate more effectively, and resolve conflicts more quickly. Sometimes teams get so caught up in the context of their work tasks that it becomes difficult to improve, overcome problems, or think of new ideas. Allowing your team to work together on a goal that is not specifically related to a work task can allow the team to see each other and their jobs in a new light. Team building activities create greater trust amongst team members and can allow them to go back to their work armed with a greater capacity for collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving.

You may be thinking, “my team is great and doesn’t need a team building activity,” but nothing could be further from the truth. Even healthy teams can benefit from team building. Author Robin Sharma once said, “Success is seductive. It can make one complacent and inefficient and stale.” Every team can improve and become better. Even sustaining the current state of a successful team requires conscientious effort, and the boost that comes from a well-executed team building activity can be just what your team needs to keep going and reach new heights.

Team Building and Company Culture
President and CEO of Upshot, Brian Kristofek once said that “Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company.” Being a great place to work has everything to do with the culture and values of a company. Many companies claim to foster great values and culture but ultimately fail. Enron’s motto was “Respect, Integrity, Communication, and Excellence.” Funny then how it collapsed because of practices that went against all of the values stated in their motto. For a culture to take hold, it has to go beyond written mission statements. The values of the desired culture have to be practiced and reinforced. Regular team building activities can be great ways to teach and regularly reinforce company values and culture. They can be ways to show employees that they’re appreciated and that the company values their needs as well as those of the customers and shareholders. In essence, conscientious team building efforts help to make a company a great place to work.

We Can Do It All For You!
Poorly executed team building activities are not only ineffective, but they can also cause more harm than good. If team members feel the activities are boring or sloppily put together, they’ll be less likely to participate in the future actively. If the thought of executing a team or company-wide team building event intimidates you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve executed thousands of events all over the country. We come to you with everything you need and facilitate the entire experience. All you have to do is make sure your team is ready for a good time!

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