How to Improve Teamwork Skills

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Self-reflection is key to self-development, but not everyone reflects on their goals and objectives every day. Instead many people wait until the end of the year or the start of the new year to focus on their resolutions.

One way to make sure that you effectively achieve your goals for 2017, is to learn how to adapt to your surroundings. Why? Because knowing how to adapt is essential for working effectively in teams, in both personal and professional capacity. This is owing to the fact that the workplace environment is constantly changing, as is the world as a global marketplace. Team-work and team building skills have become crucial for success in the corporate sector.

Research and analysis show that one of the biggest hurdles standing between us and our goals is the mistrust of our own expertise, and an inability to adapt to team culture. Listed below are a few essential qualities of team leaders and team members; these will help you to effectively adapt to your environment and improve your teamwork skills.


  • Communication is key for the success of a team.
  • When there is a lack of communication the work will inevitably fall short.
  • One of the signs of a great leader is their capability of communicating well with his team, and vice versa.

Resolving Team Conflict

  • Conflict within a team is nearly unavoidable because of the varying viewpoints, personalities, experiences, and skills of each team member.
  • When a team member is facing a difficulty they should feel confident that they can speak with their leader, who will then address the problem, and help resolve it in a professional manner.


  • Having a leader that cannot be trusted will negatively impact the team as a whole.
  • Team members will take it upon themselves to resolve issues which can possibly make matters worse.
  • If there is trust within the team, productivity will increase and there will also be a boost in the team’s confidence.

A Healthy Environment  

  • To have a healthy work environment is to have both team leaders and team members be able to trust and respect each other.
  • This is vital for a company to continue to grow and improve.


  • Accepting responsibility for your actions when things go wrong is important.
  • Placing the blame on someone else is highly unprofessional, and will not help the company to succeed.

The above list is not just the qualities and skills that can help an individual succeed in a professional environment. Being responsible, an effective communicator, a trustworthy listener and being willing to understand different ideas and perspectives, are all qualities that will help you adapt to many different environments. In order to succeed in a contemporary business environment the ability to adapt and to work in the team are the two most essential qualities.

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