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“One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork.” –Edward Abbey

Edward Abbey may have had a particular target in mind when he said the above quote, but it can, unfortunately, apply almost universally. Any group working together towards one goal is stronger, faster, and more able to get things done than one person could be by himself or herself – but if that goal happens to be wrong-minded or counterproductive, they’re just reaching the edge of the cliff at a brisker pace.


This applies in two ways to what we here at Best Corporate Events offer.  First, we’ve assembled a team of some of the country’s most experienced facilitators and program creators to make sure that every exercise participants take part in during our corporate events is actually useful, not just silliness or time-wasting.  Your groups truly bond, collaborate, and learn, racing towards a worthwhile outcome.  Second, by forging these connections, your team returns to the office better able to communicate and pinpoint problems before they’ve spread, which means you’re less likely to stumble down an incorrect path together.  It’s one of the long-term beneficial takeaways from our programs, and we’re proud to say it truly works.

We wrote the book on Corporate Team Building
Your roadmap to successful corporate team building.

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What is a Keynote Speaker?

Keynote Speaker is an often-misunderstood term associated with simply a motivational speaker, breakout speaker, industry expert, etc. Most professional speakers are not actual trained Keynote Speakers, who are specialists, therefore in much lower supply, and in higher demand.

Keynote Speakers are experienced, professional communicators who engage an audience, capturing the essence of a client’s meeting. They are able to highlight it to their audience while simultaneously delivering their own key concepts and proprietary content in an entertaining and impactful way. Most companies understand that this specialization is very much worth the time (around an hour) and the investment.

In order to capture the perfect essence, a Keynote Speaker spends the necessary time researching a client’s industry, their issues, and their audience to craft a customized presentation into a unique and distinctive moment specifically for the client’s event.

As a top Keynote Speaker, Tom Leu strategically uses compelling storytelling, humor, powerful visuals, audio and video clips, and audience participation elements to weave an impactful message into your event in a fun and memorable way. Tom can also pair his Keynote with Best Corporate Events programming, laying a foundation and setting a tone that best prepares participants for maximum engagement in the forthcoming team events that day.

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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