Which Convention Center will your team try next?


The Convention Center land is growing. Just when you think there are already a significant amount of hotels, convention centers and conference space in the world, another city announces their plans to add more! Companies now have an even wide selection to choose from. When choosing where to hold your next meeting, conference, and event, how do you choose?

We look forward to checking out some of these new destinations making their way into the world of convention and conference space and delivering a fun event for your team.

Here are just a few of the latest convention center and hotel developments we look forward to traveling to:

1. New Orleans – This summer marked the start of a $557 million construction plan in New Orleans.  The plan is to upgrade and revamp the existing convention center. The plan includes a 1,200 room hotel, pedestrian park, more meeting rooms and many improvements overall. This renovation is sure to bring large companies to this already vibrant town.  New Orleans will be able to offer even more convention space and hotel rooms for the largest of conferences!

2. DoubleTree Convention Center Missouri – Yes, you heard it right! You can have your next meeting in Missouri! Thank you to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, they will build a 10,000 square feet convention center.  This convention center will be able to house meetings for up to 500 people. Visitor bureaus are always looking for ways to bring visitors to their city, whether on business or pleasure.  This type of development is just what they needed to make an impact on the economy in Springfield, Missouri.

3. Oklahoma City – Have you ever thought of bringing your company to OKC – Oklahoma City? Beginning in 2020, over 605 of you and your closest co-workers can attend your next meeting in OKC.  Your company can stay at the new 17-story Omni Hotel next to the new convention center. The city is excited to introduce this modernly designed hotel featuring restaurants, a resort style pool, and pedestrian park.

The convention center and hotel will be linked to the cities attractions, dining and nightlife around the downtown area by the new six-mile OKC Streetcar system. The streetcars will make getting around easier for conference goers. Have you ever asked yourself where does the money come from for these large, expensive projects?  With OKC as an example, the OKC Convention Center was funded by a 1-cent sales tax initiative that began in April 2010 and ended in December 2017. Bringing the money raised to a total of $777 million dollars to complete this project! The residents of OKC saw this as an opportunity to improve the city in every way.

4. Louisville –  Even convention and visitor bureaus that have been around for 50 years plus are “revamping” their convention business simply by changing their name. The Lousiville Convention & Visitors Bureau has turned 50 and officially changed their name to Louisville Tourism. The CVB continues to find ways to bring visitors to the city for both work and pleasure.

5. Event DC – Other cities like Washington DC are putting a new twist on bringing meeting attendees to the town.  Washington DC is focusing not only on conference space but enhancing it’s retail and entertainment areas. Developers are partnering with Event DC to create a vibrant and larger downtown through the collaboration with Apple and other big retailers. These types of partnerships bring a conference to DC by offering hip and new entertainment and shopping options.

6. Miami Beach recently gives a green light for an 800-room hotel!  This hotel to be built which will connect to the Miami Beach Convention Center. The hotel will include more meeting space, ballrooms and most importantly hotel rooms to house meeting attendees.

7. Las Vegas – The list would not be complete without a mention of a new development by Caesar’s Entertainment. The world’s most diversified casino-entertainment company knows how to stay in the game with large conference centers.  Caesar’s announces it plans to develop a 550,000 square-foot space in Las Vegas, named Caesars Forum. So if your company has already done Vegas, here’s another reason to return starting in 2020. “Building the two largest ballrooms in the world demonstrates our continued commitment to the meetings industry,” said Chief Sales Officer Michael Massari.

Best Corporate Events specializes in Large Groups!

Best Corporate Events specializes in large groups, so whether your event is for 30 people or 3,000 people, we are the go-to company for your team building needs.  We have perfected the art of successful large group programming with cutting-edge programs that are both fun and impactful.

When we are asked, where is your favorite place to travel and facilitate team building events? We answer “All of them!”

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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