Jeoparody Live!

Updated for testing Jeoparody Live is our take on the classic television game show. With all the traditional elements of the game, including contestant podiums, sound effects, an answer board beamed up via projection, and our professional interactive host, your group will have the full game show experience. This program is the perfect way to break up a day of meetings or kick off a conference or event.

Spin It 2 Win It!

Spin It 2 Win It! brings the fun of a TV game show to your group as an engaging and entertaining group event. Modeled after a classic TV game show, players must guess a hidden phrase one letter at a time, earning points for each correctly guessed letter.


SmartHunts are a must-do event for corporate groups. Using state-of-the-art smart technology, we’ve created an event that your group will never forget. Delivered using Apple iPads® and our proprietary apps, SmartHunts® are not your average team building scavenger hunt. SmartHunts are a combination of sightseeing, gaming, laughter, and team building.

Match Me If You Can

This game is so much fun, we forgot to ______ (fill-in-the-blank)! Match Me If You Can is hosted by professional and entertaining facilitators who will have your group collaborating to come up with a word or phrase that hopefully matches the “blank” answer from selected contestants of your group! Each team member will have a chance to come up with what he or she thinks is the best fill-in-the-blank answer to an interesting and fun phrase.

Mavericks Murder Mystery

Welcome to the first-ever virtual and augmented reality enabled team challenge, Mavericks Murder Mystery! Your team is immersed in the crime plot… an in-depth storyline is provided, with details about the eight prime suspects. Each player is assigned a character, and a location to examine the crime scene through a mobile device. The unique aspect of this Murder Mystery challenge is that the physical game meets virtual and augmented reality!

Best Corporate Feud

BEST Corporate Feud is our corporate game show with fast-paced rounds of survey questions specifically written for corporate groups. Winning “teams” move forward to the semi-finals and hopefully, to the Finale. Our unique design keeps everyone involved throughout the show, regardless of your group size. No matter how many points are on the scoreboard, you can be confident that your participants will score big with this BEST Corporate Feud!

Escape SmartHunt®

We took the popular Escape concept and made it high-tech and portable by adding escape stations and iPads loaded with the SmartHunts app. Teams are now presented with more exciting and enhanced challenges then what are offered at traditional escape room venues. Plus, we can also accommodate large groups so you can have an escape event delivered for any size group at any meeting venue or even downtown in a city!

Amazing Chase SmartHunt®

Your group will star in its own Amazing Race with this exciting, technology-driven scavenger hunt. Once divided into teams, participants are given iPads loaded with instructions to navigate a custom route. Along the way they’ll hunt for clues, complete photo and video challenges, answer quiz questions, solve puzzles and more as they race to cross the finish line first. Ready, set, GO!

City SmartHunt®

City SmartHunt® is the ultimate technology-driven scavenger hunt. Your group will experience the interactive features of our SmartHunts app on Apple® iPads® that utilize text messaging, audio, video, FaceTime®, social media, QR codes, and GPS with built-in mapping to produce the coolest hunts ever! SmartHunts® have two-way messaging so teams are connected with the SmartHunts Master who tracks them using GPS and monitors photos and scoring from the teams during the hunt.

Locate and Donate SmartHunt®

Locate and Donate SmartHunt® is a high-tech, CSR corporate scavenger hunt in which your group navigates through a customized route to complete text, photo, and video challenges on their iPads to earn points. Along the route, teams will have to find our challenge station where they’ll receive a surprise package, if they can successfully complete their challenge. When all the teams’ packages are opened and assembled, the donation is revealed to the group!