Tom Leu’s Corporate Kick-Off Keynotes are designed to set a tone, and he has customized a Keynote for every program Best Corporate Events offers. He delivers one-of-a-kind experiences with multi-media and proprietary content, empowering exceptional levels of personal and professional productivity and effectiveness!

Developing Emerging Leaders

Over a series of five group sessions, our Developing Emerging Leaders program is designed to develop high-potential individual contributors into your company’s “next generation” of leaders.

Strategic Leadership

Over the course of three group sessions, our Strategic Leadership program is designed to engage the participants to do a deep dive into each topic and, after a self-assessment, identify ways to become more efficient and effective in related day-to-day situations.

Total Recall

Improve your group’s communication skills with this effective, challenging, multi-faceted team building event that requires each team to replicate a pre-built structure by using only verbal descriptions and high-quality communication skills through a chain of conversations. With just five members in each team, participants choose a role and must be prepared to communicate accurately and precisely as a looker, a buyer, a builder or one of the two runners in order to replicate the pre-built structure.

Conflict Resolution Training

Managing conflict can be the difference between a simple “bump in the road” or lost productivity and long-term animosity in the workplace. A central part of this leadership training workshop will be the introduction of the Thomas Kilmann Inventory assessment. Using the results of this inventory, the facilitator will show how one’s natural conflict-handling styles can be refined. Strategies are introduced and honed to engender a workplace culture that will become better equipped to handle conflict.

DiSC Profile Workshop

In this eye-opening workshop, your group will be introduced to the DiSC Model, a behavior assessment tool that helps professionals understand their own styles of behavior and communication, as well as those of their colleagues. Learning how to manage these styles and identify areas in need of improvement can help participants eliminate bad habits, minimize conflict and improve the overall success of their team.

Emotional Intelligence Training

An Emotionally Intelligent company is one in which each member understands their Emotional Quotient (E.Q.) and how best to tap into it for professional growth. Applying E.I. within an organization can build trust and encourage open communication. This fascinating, informative workshop will cover the case studies on E.I, its six major components and how one can apply their own E.Q. at home and in the workplace.

Manager’s Guide to Business Coaching

Constructive guidance and consistent coaching are critical responsibilities of all managers, but the best managers have a coaching style which is based on a number of specific factors – all of which greatly impact how the information is perceived and managed. In this managerial skills workshop, we explore some of the proven coaching practices that can strengthen relationships, bolster trust and reap the benefits of open and positive communication with your team in the workplace.

Meeting Management

This one-day workshop focuses on the three steps necessary to manage meetings effectively, including creating agendas and preparation, how to run the meeting in action with clear-cut engagement rules and specific goals, handling the unexpected, forming action plans and how to close meetings on a positive note.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Training

This enlightening program will introduce your group to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. This tool can dramatically improve team dynamics by identifying personality types and demonstrating how the knowledge of these types can be applied to improve group communication, understanding, and performance. Participants will also gain a comprehensive look at their specific personality traits, and what strengths they bring to the table.