Mavericks Murder Mystery

Welcome to the first-ever virtual and augmented reality enabled team challenge, Mavericks Murder Mystery! Your team is immersed in the crime plot… an in-depth storyline is provided, with details about the eight prime suspects. Each player is assigned a character, and a location to examine the crime scene through a mobile device. The unique aspect of this Murder Mystery challenge is that the physical game meets virtual and augmented reality!

Breaking Through

With Breaking Through, your team will experience an emotional and physical metaphor that will help illuminate mental blocks, internalized phobias, and limitations that hold them back in their personal and professional lives. This program is a memorable, empowering, high-energy experience that can create the confidence and connections that your new employees need. Everyone walks out of the door inspired to take action like never before!


Momentum is an inventive team building event where each sub-team will be tasked with designing and building a Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction machine to accomplish a simple task. Teams must collaborate and strategize together to not only create a successful contraption but also to out-design other teams and ultimately be declared the Momentum champions!

Crack the Case!

Immerse your group in a world of mystery, intrigue, and detective work with our exciting team challenge, Crack the Case! In this fun challenge, participants will be placed in the shoes of trainees close to completing a private investigator course, studying to become elite detectives. The program is a challenge that is the final test of their skills before receiving certification as detectives. In order to succeed, they must work together to solve a series of puzzles and challenges designed to test creative thinking, problem-solving, ingenuity, and deductive reasoning. Ultimately, the group must solve all the challenges in the test to crack the case and prove their prowess as detectives.

Morning Jumpstart

Kick off your group’s day with Morning Jumpstart! This fun and engaging program was developed based on requests from clients to create an event that can be delivered on any day of the week as a fun way to launch into a productive workday with smiles and camaraderie. Morning Jumpstart will promote team cohesion and enhance relationships through a fun series of games, challenges, and morning wake-up-themed activities.

Race Car Rally

Race Car Rally is an exciting program of fun, race-related activities that enable teams to assemble the race-worthy cars, built for speed, on special Lego car platforms! As teams continually gain points through their iPad challenges, they will be rewarded with trips to our car store to obtain the parts they need for their build. Each team will attempt to build the fastest car on Lego car platforms, picking wheels, blocks, windshields, and even Lego drivers.

Total Recall

Improve your group’s communication skills with this effective, challenging, multi-faceted team building event that requires each team to replicate a pre-built structure by using only verbal descriptions and high-quality communication skills through a chain of conversations. With just five members in each team, participants choose a role and must be prepared to communicate accurately and precisely as a looker, a buyer, a builder or one of the two runners in order to replicate the pre-built structure.

Food Truck Face-Off

Set your team on course for a culinary adventure with Food Truck Face-Off. This is a deliciously exciting competition and bonding experience. After forming into sub-teams, participants will choose a cuisine and theme for their very own “food truck”. Teams will name their company, design a logo, build, decorate and market their truck and cook an original dish. Once the gold-winning team has been chosen, all will be invited to roam from truck to truck and sample all of the tasty creations!

City SmartHunt®

City SmartHunt® is the ultimate technology-driven scavenger hunt. Your group will experience the interactive features of our SmartHunts app on Apple® iPads® that utilize text messaging, audio, video, FaceTime®, social media, QR codes, and GPS with built-in mapping to produce the coolest hunts ever! SmartHunts® have two-way messaging so teams are connected with the SmartHunts Master who tracks them using GPS and monitors photos and scoring from the teams during the hunt.


This collaborative event challenges teams to build a large marble delivery system, with each sub-team working on their own section to ultimately be joined into one cohesive, working mechanism. Each stage must be planned carefully, with participants involved in every aspect of the Pipeline project – from concept and design to construction using PVC piping, bamboo, rope and other materials.