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A Minute 2 Win It! is a series of tabletop team building games using everyday household items and office supplies. After a fun demo and practice session, each challenge is played and teams are scored accordingly. Great for daytime or after dinner entertainment, this fast-paced event will have everyone laughing, cheering and vying to become A Minute 2 Win It! champions.

After an energizing kick-off, your group will be formed into sub-teams. Multiple rounds are played using a three-step system of demo, practice, and competition. Teams are constantly engaged and focused on continuous improvement in an attempt to maximize their score.

Examples of challenges may include: Back Flip – tossing and catching an ever-increasing number of pencils, Moving on Up – a fun cup stacking activity, Card Speed – a race to put a shuffled deck of cards in a specific sequence, and more! Our unique scoring system keeps the energy flowing and the teams in the thick of the competition throughout the entire event.

The program finishes with an exciting awards ceremony where individual challenge winners are announced leading to the overall gold medal A Minute 2 Win It! Champions.

This is one of our most competitive events and works as a perfect addition to any corporate or social gathering or as a stand-alone activity.

A Minute 2 Win It! can be conducted in almost any event setting!

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this program may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Guessteamate as a remote option!

Clients Talk About this Program

westmonroe logo

I hope you had a nice weekend. I connected with Adam and Justin, who said their two teambuilding events, A Minute 2 Win It! and Momentum, were outstanding! My group had a great time and enjoyed their Competition to Collaboration event, as well as the wrap-up discussion at the end. We’re glad we chose to work with you and your company, and hopefully, we can partner again in the future.  

West Monroe
Taylor & francis group logo.

A Minute 2 Win It was even better than what I imagined after learning about your company and reading about it online. What an awesome experience from start (initial contact with the company) to finish. Our group really enjoyed it! There was laughter throughout the entire event from the “getting to know you” bits at the beginning to the cookie contest at the end! The networking “games”, grouping people by birth Our lead facilitator Eric was funny and personable, he kept things moving and kept us all engaged.

Taylor & Francis
A blue and pink logo with the letter s.

Every single person I spoke with had a blast with A Minute to Win It! I love that you come to us and bring all of the props needed so we don’t have to think about that, and everything was extremely organized. We got a great team building experience with the card game where it was super important to follow directions, and building a structure out of marshmallows and noodles was so much fun. Our facilitator was excellent; his personality mixed with our team seamlessly. He was a treat and the whole company had a great time because of him. They were amazed at how fast the time went during the program. One person said that we MUST do this again!

Icv partners logo.
This entire program was fun and engaging! The group loved it and the feeling of competitiveness was awesome. Everything was extremely organized, and the games were fun and kept us engaged. Our facilitator Paul was amazing as always, we rate him 5 out of 5!
ICV Partners
Simpleview logo

It was all so great. I have to say we loved the lesson learned after each game. Honestly loved all of it!  Our facilitator was amazing. He kept it going at a perfect pace. It was better than I expected!


Pyc systems logo on a white background.

Our A Minute 2 Win It team building Orlando program was very organized. We are an international company, so the best team building aspect of the program was getting to know each other for the first time. Our group enjoyed all the activities especially ping-pong and backflip. Thank you so much.

PYC Systems
Tokiomarine hcc logo

We loved that we got to express our highly competitive natures! It was challenging & fun! It was like being a kid again! I received lots of compliments on the event. The facilitator and his crew did an outstanding job! I would definitely recommend this to others especially if they are super competitive!

HCC Service Company
The logo for charter spectrum.

Our facilitator was so enthusiastic. It was all fun, the games were so different and enjoyable, hard but not too hard, which was a good thing. I got a lot of positive feedback from my team. I would highly recommend you guys!

Charter Spectrum
The national grid logo on a white background.

All the activities were a great deal of fun! We received rave reviews, great job. Great energy, amusing and got the crowd going right away.

National Grid
Pizer logo on a white background.

Members of this team have never been face to face before so it was great to have the opportunity to work together like this. The event was lightheartedness and fun. After three days of meetings, etc. this was a chance for fun. The facilitator kept the session moving forward and never lost control of the room. It was just a great time. A chance to let off steam and build relationships.

eaton logo

The group absolutely loved all of the activities. Very engaging and fun! The feedback was extremely positive. This was the perfect way to end the night after all day meeting sessions. Our facilitator did an outstanding job!

Profile picture for elkay.

Playing the games as a team and having to figure out the best way to play the game collectively. The interaction with the facilitator and team members was very fun. The group really enjoyed everything and had a great time. Our facilitator was very personable and funny. He became a part of the team quite quickly.

us bank logo

It was a great ice breaker for the first afternoon of our activity. Got everyone laughing and comfortable together. Everyone enjoyed it. Our facilitator was really fun and got everyone engaged right away.

US Bank
Emerser tile logo on a white background.

The best aspect of the program was the result of the event bringing closer relationships amongst our group! The rock paper scissors was fun!! Nothing but raves! Our facilitator was fun and had the ability to herd the cats!

Emser Tile
Profile picture for princeton eye group.

Everyone had a blast and they were still talking about how much fun they had the next day at work. It was a great team building experience and made us want to do it again. We loved the Oreo Cookie challenge. We like to do another team building program in nine months.

Princeton Eye Group
The logo for oribe.

It was great that everybody was really able to work together to figure out their own strategies. The Entourage icebreaker really got everybody going!
It was definitely out of the box, but I think that’s what people liked about the activities the most. A Minute 2 Win It was something completely new for my team, who usually strays away from the ‘typical’ team games, but it was well worth it in the end!

Oribe Hair Care
Plexus groupe logo

Your facilitator delivered an extremely organized Minute 2 Win It event for our group. Learning about peoples differences and their strengths was a great team builder. The activity I thought was the most fun was the pencil flip. As a whole, I think our group really enjoyed their program.

The Plexus Groupe
Waste Management logo

Our Minute 2 Win It event was a fun team competition. The program was very well organized and the icebreaker and timed challenges were a great team builder. Our group as a whole gave it a 9.9 out of 10!

Waste Management Inc. of Florida
The logo for the legal marketing association.

Our A Minute 2 Win It! team building event was very organized. The most fun part of the program was the opening Entourage activity. As a whole our group loved the activities and your lead facilitator’s energy. Thanks again for another great event!

Legal Marketing Association
Samsung logo on a white background.

A Minute 2 Win It was the best team building event we’ve ever had here at Samsung Semiconductor, according to our participants! It was well organized, the communication exercise was a real team builder and the games were fun. Our group loved it.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Csm college of southern maryland logo.

The initial icebreaker for our A Minute 2 Win It program was really fun and set the temperature for the entire event. Your lead facilitator had the perfect personality – he handled our group very well. The program was extremely organized and a great team building activity because it really made us work together. Everyone enjoyed the activities.

College of Southern Maryland
Actega logo

Your lead facilitator was fantastic and his opening icebreaker called Entourage was really fun. The interaction between colleagues during our Minute 2 Win for Charity program was a great team builder. Our group overall enjoyed the activities a lot. It was one of their favorite sessions of our entire meeting.

ACTEGA North America, Inc.
bloomenergy logo

The “friendly” competition between teams was the best part of the night – the teams had to be #1. Each game was fun, but the Oreo cookie challenge gave us all the most laughs. Your lead facilitator did an awesome job – the way he interacted with the team and even dealt with a few “smart asses” was wonderful. He kept things moving at a great pace and from start to finish it was wonderful. I have only received positive feedback from the A Minute 2 Win It event last night and today everyone is telling me how much fun they had.

Bloom Energy
Securitas logo on a black background.

Our group really enjoyed A Minute 2 Win It! It was very organized event and we all had fun! The best part of the event was the kick off and how it got everyone engaged. We can’t wait until our next team building program with BCE next year!

Securitas Security Services USA
The igt logo on a white background.

Our Minute 2 Win It! program was very organized. The opening icebreaker was fun and Card Stacking event was the best teambuilding activity. As a whole, your group enjoyed the activities very much.
Richard – IGT

Bio-Rad logo

Everyone had a great time at the Minute to Win It for Charity program. The best team building aspect was the word relationship game. Everyone is still talking about it and that they learned a lot about their teammates. Half of my group originally said they couldn’t stay for the whole event and yet they all did, so a good time was had by all. Most of the group had never been involved in contributing to a charity and said that was the best part. Your lead facilitator and her staff were amazing. From beginning to end, the high energy and enthusiasm they brought was definitely contagious to my group. I would love to work with them again in the future.
Elise – Bio-Rad Laboratories

Bio-Rad Laboratories
Carolina-CAT logo

We had so much fun at our Minute 2 Win It for Charity!!! Our event also involved our spouses/significant others. The spouse/significant other could not be on the same team. This provided great interaction before heading off for dinner afterwards!! Our group really enjoyed the activities and presenting the bikes to the children.

Carolina CAT
FTI consulting logo

Our group really enjoyed the activities in A Minute 2 Win It! I liked the opener too. Your lead facilitator had our people find someone they didn’t know and answer silly questions. It was a fun way to break the ice! Your staff had great energy and were flexible when we had to change format at the last minute. Next year we want to do a SmartHunt.

FTI Consulting
The logo for ptc therapeutics.

Just a short e-mail to say thank you for a great “A Minute 2 Win It!” event in Orlando. You and your team did a great job and the format and underlying learning and messaging were great. Had a lot of good feedback on the session. Keep up the good work.

PTC sales & Distribution
Profile picture for pyc systems.

Our A Minute 2 Win It program was very organized. We are an international company, so the best team building aspect of the program was getting to know each other for the first time. Our group enjoyed all the activities especially ping-pong and back flip. Thank you so much.

A blue logo with three blue diamonds.

We received great feedback from our teams. They all enjoyed their A Minute Win It event! It was extremely well organized and I think all areas of the program were fun. Everyone was engaged and cheering on their team-mates. Thanks for everything!

Mackoul & associates inc insurance logo.

A Minute 2 Win It was a great competitive team building program. All the games were exciting and everyone had a blast. Your lead facilitator was awesome!!! We all had a great time.

Mackoul & Associates, Inc.
The aldi logo on a white background.

Our A Minute 2 Win It program was excellent; everyone is still talking about it. The card game at the beginning of the event was a great team builder and the tower activity was the really fun. Your lead facilitator was fabulous!

ALDI, Inc.
The world bank logo on a blue background.

Our day of fun and games was very well organized and your lead facilitator was able to maintain a good energy throughout the day. We did A Minute 2 Win it in the morning and Team Olympics in the afternoon. They were good team building activities, high-energy, and they allow for the entire group to go back to childhood and not worry about what others thought and have fun without thinking about work. A lot of FUN! The consensus of the group was that it was a very fun day. Someone even said this was the best retreat they had been to since they started in the unit. Thank you!

The World Bank Group
United way of ventura county logo.

I just wanted to again express our appreciation for the opportunity to partner with JD Power and you in delivering your Minute 2 Win It for Charity program. The recipient agencies were delighted to receive the oral health kits and stuffed backpacks. Please see our e-newsletter below with the article acknowledging the donation.

United Way of Ventura County
Carnival logo

The variety in the A Minute 2 Win It games and the quick pace caused everyone to have a great time. The entire group was very involved almost too much to the point where a couple of times the facilitators had to calm them down a little bit so they would hear the appropriate instructions. Your facilitators did a very good job in running the event and bringing the crowd back around.

Carnival Corporation
A capital one logo on a white background.

Our Minute 2 Win It! for Charity program surpassed our expectations. The facilitators were fun and the icebreaker they picked was a fantastic way to get the group energized. We were working on a very compressed timeline when we reached out to Best Corporate Events and they were able to put on a great event for us in a matter of days.

Capital One Financial Corporation
satellite logo

I got great feedback from our sales team on their Minute 2 Win It SmartHunt.  We didn’t know how this would go over since we took away their free afternoon to do the team building event.  Normally they can choose to golf or go to the spa so we were nervous about how this would turn out and the comments we would get.  I’m happy to report that we had 100% positive feedback.  It was very fun and the video at that end was fantastic. Thanks again!

Satellite Shelters, Inc
avad logo

The energy of the room was contagious and your lead facilitator was the captain of the ship. Our A Minute 2 Win It! event was great!

Omg roofing products logo.

Thank you so much for such a great event! Our group was engaged and excited about participating in A Minute 2 Win It!, which is not easy to do with a group of men. Everyone had a blast and several people came up to me afterwards expressing their enthusiasm with the event. Your lead facilitator had an awesome sense of humor and was able to play off the various personalities in the group and get everyone fired up! I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for a team-building event that allows people to just relax and break their walls down for a bit. The games were simply enough for all age groups and allowed for everyone to participate in a fun game that accomplished all of our goals. Thank you so much for accommodating us on such short notice.

OMG, Inc.
The logo for kiewit pks.

Your lead facilitator did a great job getting the crowd energetic and he had a great sense of humor. Our Minute 2 Win It! for Charity and Charity Game Show programs were both on time and fun was had by all. Thank you for you and your team’s efforts in making our meeting a success!

Kiewit Corporation
Profile picture for fis.

The Minute 2 Win It for Charity was a GREAT event – in fact one of our teammates labeled it “the best team building event they’ve ever participated in”.   You guys did a GREAT job (as evidenced by my lack of voice the next morning, which made day 2 of my emcee duties a bit more interesting – LOL).

FIS Global
Profile picture for fis.

Our Minute 2 Win It! for Charity program was a rousing success!  Everyone enjoyed themselves and left saying they’d had a great time. I will be happy to serve as a reference in the future. Thank you.

Fidelity Information Services
The department of justice logo.

The A Minute 2 Win It! program you delivered for our group was awesome.  My leadership expressed how pleased they were with the event and said they would definitely want to bring your organization back. Thanks!

US Department of Justice
Bic logo with a man holding a sword.

It was a great event and we really appreciate that your company was able to come back, with the same facilitator, and administer the “A Minute 2 Win It!” event again for us. Our new group loved the exercises and had a great time! We look forward to working with you again. Thanks!

BIC Corporation
The michigan tauber institute logo.

Our A Minute 2 Win It event was a great success! Your lead facilitator did a phenomenal job at connecting with the student participants and keeping their engagement high throughout the event. We look forward to future events with Best Corporate Events! Thank you very much!

Tauber Institute for Global Operations
Bic logo with a man holding a sword.

The Chili Cook-Off and A Minute 2 Win It! events went very well and your lead facilitator was a pleasure to work with.  We were also glad that she was able to do both events.  We really liked how she put the teams together (20-30 minute prep) as it forced the people to mingle with people they didn’t know.  We would definitely use Best Corporate Events again in the future. Thanks for all your help!

BIC Corporation
Bayer logo on a white background.

Honestly, everyone seemed to LOVE the program and really enjoyed the afternoon. The activities did not make anyone feel uncomfortable and overall people were smiling the whole time. It truly was a great experience. Your lead facilitator and his staff did a great job getting people motivated and involved. Again, thank you so much for all your help in coordinating such a fun afternoon. We truly appreciate it.

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
A logo with the word simplety on it.

Our experience with Best Corporate Events and our Minute 2 Win It! event was phenomenal. The event was well coordinated and full of just the energy that we were looking for. I personally enjoyed working with your lead facilitator and appreciated his flexibility. I can say that we have only heard great things from each and every team member who has provided feedback to our department. We would absolutely recommend your services to others.

SimpliVity Corp
Saint-Gobain Logo

The A Minute 2 Win It event was great!  Everyone had lots of fun, which was the objective we were looking for.  We’ll definitely be working with your company again. Thank you!

Kaplan logo

We contracted your company for A Minute To Win It team building activity for one of our clients. We weren’t familiar with anything like this. Naturally, I had lots of questions and was a bit anxious.

Your salesperson was quite patient, taking me through the variety of activities and together we chose an activity that was perfect for our group. The payment process was easy and he was regularly in contact with me.

I spoke with the facilitator a couple of times beforehand and he too was great in answering my questions and calming my nerves. Yesterday, he was professional, on time, flexible and the event more than exceeded my expectations.

I appreciate your team and wanted you to know you have some great people working there.

Kaplan Consulting Network
The knot wedding network logo.

Thank you for making our meeting kickoff such a great success. A Minute 2 Win It games brought our teams together and excited them throughout your program. Your team concept was an amazing way to introduce our players to one another.

The Knot
Genentech logo

I have never seen my group so energetic. We have done many different team building activities in the past but “Light Speed” was by far the best. After the program, I heard many folks stating “I’m exhausted from laughing so hard!” and “We had so much fun”! I would recommend Light Speed to any group who is looking for energy level 10!

B & g logo on a white background.

I just wanted to take a minute to reach out and let you know how happy we were with last week’s event! Your team did an absolutely AMAZING JOB with our group, and exceeded our expectations. They were engaging, funny, personable, and most importantly everyone in the room had a great time with them. Your lead facilitator was a pleasure to work with through the entire process, and I couldn’t be happier with how he led the group! A true professional that is gifted at what he does! We hope to work with you guys again soon.

B&G Foods

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Program Details
Group Size:
30 to 1,000+
Team Size:
6 to 8
Program Length:
1.5 to 2 hours
Space Requirement:
25 sq. ft. per person
Indoor / Outdoor
Program Elements
  • Communication
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun &Engaging Interaction
  • Performance &Continuous Improvement
What's Included?
Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants and includes program design, prep, production coordination and all materials, a professional facilitator and staffing. We also provide all the props and gold medals for the winning team.
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Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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    Request a Quote

    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326
      Email: Sales@BestCorporateEvents.com





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