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Charitable event or game show: why not both? Whether your company is looking for fun group bonding games between meetings or an entertainment program after dinner, our Charity Game Show is the perfect solution. By combining the excitement of a game show with a charitable donation, we’ve created the perfect CSR program.

Be it for children, for the homeless, or for servicemen and women, you can rest assured that your fun will benefit a worthy cause. At the conclusion of the event, a representative from your group can deliver a giant check, signed by the members of the winning team, to a representative of the charity of your choice.

Charity Game Show utilizes state-of-the-art game show podiums with face-off player positions, extra-large buttons for contestants to “buzz in,” an answer board beamed up via projection, microphones,  and real game-like visuals and sound effects, all to ensure an authentic game show experience.

Questions are designed to cater to domestic or international groups, with topics including World History, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Geography, Pop Culture, and even facts about the surrounding area.

This is a great team building activity; from the actual team that wins the competition, to the charity that your program benefits, everyone is a winner!

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Match Me if You Can as a remote option!

Clients Talk About this Program

The Game Show was fantastic!  From beginning to end, everyone had a wonderful time, and I found out we have some very competitive folks in our company. The winning team wore their medals the next day Great time had by all.

Indy was over the top wonderful as the host.  Everyone expressed how much they enjoyed his witty personality, and he seemed to be having a good time with the group. Pam was great to work with as well. She’s very patient, which I appreciated as I was scrambling to get her information.

The overall experience was amazing.  Thank you for your patience while final decisions were being made on our end and for putting the event together quickly.  “Re-match” was said by several people, which could lead to a second round of Feud in the future…  Thank you & your team again for a wonderful experience!

Asset Works

I just wanted to let your production department know that your Master of Ceremonies did an amazing job with the Charity Game Show event and I have no doubt there will be other geographies/parts of BBU that will want to do something similar in the future so I will share your contact information. Thanks!

Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc.

Our Charity Game Show was a very organized team builder with lots of team collaboration in a fun environment. Your lead facilitator did a great job hosting the show. He and his staff showed up on time and were prepared for the event. The competitiveness of the players, the icebreaker, and the game show host all made the event fun for everyone The group really enjoyed the game and there was lots of positive feedback!


Our office staff so enjoyed the corporate game show program of the night. Your team was so professional and they worked so well with all who participated. Thank you again and hope to use your services in the near future.

Eurotech Construction

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Program Details
Group Size:
30 to 1,000+
Team Size:
6 to 10
Program Length:
1 – 1.5 hours
Space Requirement:
25 sq-ft per person – Hotel ballroom, banquet hall, office cafeteria or similar space

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Program Elements
  • Communication
  • Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun &Engaging Interaction
What's Included?
Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes an action-packed program, complete with your charismatic game show host and staffing. Depending on number of participants, Charity Game Show may also include buzzers, keypads, face-off podium, all production materials, program design, colorful signage and game show music. Donation amount NOT included.
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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326





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      Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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