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Our city scavenger hunts are the ultimate technology-driven event for fun competition, team building, and sightseeing!

City Smarthunts® are not simple phone hunts. Your group will experience the cool interactive features of our SmartHunts app on Apple® iPads® that utilize text messaging, audio, video, FaceTime®, social media, QR codes, and GPS with built-in mapping to produce the coolest hunts ever!

These challenging activities encourage your teams to think SMART as they use our iPads to find landmarks, solve clues, answer trivia, search for items, perform tasks, complete challenges, and take photos and videos during the hunt.

We customize each adventure to fit your goals, group size, and location. Our hunts can incorporate missions, location integration, orienteering, and geocaching. Your teams can play the game in any order, giving them the ability to create a strategy of choosing missions with the highest score or playing the game based on geography.

Teams will never lose connectivity to their game, even if the hunt takes them indoors. All photos, videos, and scoring are sent to us throughout the event so we can have them up on the big screen when your teams arrive at the final location.

Two weeks after your program, we will send you a link to a web page that contains all the photos and videos shot by your group. The page also includes an edited video plus all the scores, photos, and videos from each participating team. Now, that’s SMART!

So if your group wants to explore a city, museum, or any attraction, our SmartHunts location challenges will make sure your teams won’t miss a thing.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of the event may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

SmartHunt® is a registered trademark of SmartHunts, LLC.

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Scavenger Games Smarthunt as a remote option!

Clients Talk About this Program

Everything was fantastic for our City SmartHunt event! The program was extremely organized, and everyone loved the hunt and the facilitator. Dan really got everyone pumped and ready to go out and about. The hunt itself was the most fun, and the team building aspects of the video and picture challenges were the best!
Area 23 on Hudson

We just finished a City SmartHunt and Anton the MC/Host was amazing. The group really enjoyed his commentary, instructions, and humor. The hunt was well organized and the wrap-up and awards presentation was fun. Our group had a wonderful time and Bryan did an amazing job organizing and creating the overall concept.

Events & Logistics

Our City SmartHunt was a very organized event! It was fun, engaging, and informative and we had a ball! Our entire group thought the activities were excellent and our lead facilitator Indy was awesome! Next time, we want you to deliver one of your one of your Culinary team-building programs.


From start to finish, every aspect of our City SmartHunt was the best! The event was extremely organized and the entire program was fun! The group enjoyed it very much.

SEKO Worldwide

I’m thrilled with our City SmartHunt program! The entire hunt was extremely organized, a great team-building experience, and we really enjoyed the fun Rock, Paper, Scissors icebreaker. We had so much fun running around the city completing tasks. Our facilitator Dan was lively, fun, and able to work with our rowdy group. The feedback I’ve heard from the group was unanimously positive!

Aspen Dental

We had a wonderful experience with our hybrid City SmartHunt. The program was extremely organized and we had so much fun discovering new places. Working together to make strategic decisions was the best way to bond as a team. Our group loved it!


Our employees enjoyed the competition aspect. Looking at the pictures of other teams afterward was extremely funny. The group really enjoyed the activity and I have been receiving good feedback. Our facilitator was great, very personable and nice.

WAI Global

The competitiveness was the most fun. The facilitator was very energetic and engaged. The group enjoyed it and had lots of fun!

Viega LLC

Our New Your City SmartHunt was extremely organized and we loved the massive opening icebreaker you called Entourage – it really got the crowd going. The hunt itself was really fun and our group all had an amazing time. It was great from start to finish!


Best Team Building experiences to date! Our City SmartHunt was extremely organized. The video challenges on the iPads were really fun and our group loved all the activities. We can’t wait to receive the finish video of the photos and videos you had playing at the end of the event.


Our City SmartHunts was a really great experience. Having our groups work in teams toward a single goal was a great team builder. It was fun seeing people’s personalities change when you got them on equal playing fields. As a whole, our group enjoyed the activities very, very much.

Pariveda Solutions

We just finished up a Boston City SmartHunt from Best Corporate Events. Whoever found them and proposed them, THANK YOU! It was such a seamless, great process. They were so incredibly responsive and it made my life a lot easier. I would highly recommend them. Just wanted to share!

DPI Events, a DMC Network Company

I really enjoyed exploring Chicago with my co-workers on our City SmartHunt. Taking group Selfies was a fun team bonder. Our entire group loved it despite the raining weather!! This is a great event for building teamwork and having fun while doing it

Pfizer, Inc.

I can’t express how thankful I am for your team! From the very beginning your team was MORE than accommodating and truly a pleasure to work with. Every request was met with a “yes” which is such a welcomed response in this industry. The client was thrilled with the day overall and they loved how competitive their teams were during the City SmartHunt! I have passed along the feedback to my staff, and we hope to be working together again soon! Kind Regards,

Destination Partners, Inc.

Our company enjoyed participating in the City SmartHunt in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. Your lead facilitator was very professional and led a fantastic and flawless event. All of the teams will be talking about their experiences and moments of laughter for a while. We are already looking for ideas for another event in San Antonio, TX. Thanks for a great event!

Vibra Healthcare

Thank you so much, we had lots of fun on our City SmartHunt and the pictures of South Beach and the art deco hotels are helping us relive everything. This is a great activity and we are receiving lots of great comments.


Our group of 900 people had the best afternoon in Washington D.C. on our City SmartHunt! We saw many sites, including the White House and visited KPMG’s office here in Washington. Thanks for a great afternoon!


Absolutely brilliant fun — walking around, holding an iPad, and trying to find monuments, and completing challenges. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you SmartHunts.


Today has been the best experience of my life doing a scavenger hunt with some of my best friends and co-workers. Go SmartHunts! SmartHunts you’re the best! We had so much fun learning about Chicago and seeing all of the sites. Woooo!

Ernst & Young

Thanks to SmartHunts, the best part of our day was interacting with people who we usually don’t get the chance to spend time with!

K Hovnanian Homes

The city corporate scavenger hunt program developed by SmartHunt was the best we’ve ever have experienced as a team.

ICF World Bank Group

Today’s City SmartHunt experience was phenomenal. We had loads of fun, the weather was beautiful, and the activities were loads of fun — very interactive, very creative. Hands down the best teambuilding exercise ever devised… hands down.

Bracco Diagnostics

SmartHunts has a great technology and an innovative program. It’s a wonderful way to build a team or have a hard-working team to come together.


We had an amazing time on our City SmartHunt!  We are still enjoying the videos and pics, it was truly a great team building event.  ALL employees participated and I saw smiles! The most amazing thing is seeing different personalities working together that normally don’t and of course at a task they normally wouldn’t. Great, great time had by all!

Jenny,  SABA North America, LLC

I wanted to thank you and your team for hosting a terrific City SmartHunt teambuilding event last week for Cogeco Data Services and Peer 1 Hosting. You and your team knocked it out of the park. Thanks for making it a lot of fun for our attendees. I will be sure to recommend your company to my colleagues and contacts. Best wishes.

Cogeco Data Services

At my company, we all know I am not the best team building participant, but this was hands down the BEST scavenger hunt evah!!!! Great job SmartHunts!!!!!!! Recommend 100%!!!


On behalf of my team, we’d like to thank you guys for setting up such a great SmartHunt program in Washington DC.  Even though a few were wary at first, my team had a great time doing the scavenger hunt and your lead facilitator Joe was excellent!  Thanks again.

CEB Global

We have received rave reviews from our client and from each of their team members. Everyone was truly impressed with the SmartHunt experience and technology. They had a fantastic time and all said that this was the best team building that they’ve ever done! Thank you for making DVIP look like rock stars!

DVIP, a DMC Network Company

Thank you all for a wonderful Amazing Chase SmartHunt today!!!! The team absolutely loved the integration of the iPad technology. I know you put a lot of work into getting everything lined up and it went great. We are looking forward to the pictures and video and reminiscing on what we did today that we never thought we’d have done without each other!

Wells Fargo

The City SmartHunt was great! – Very much fun…exactly what I was expecting – so no surprises was a good thing! The intro was great in getting everyone warmed up and into their groups. I think my boss, whose idea it was, was very pleased. Thanks for all your assistance on the Forced Group Fun! Some people are SOOO competitive!

United Healthcare

We had so much fun! The SmartHunts staff was great and the program well organized. It was the perfect way for colleagues to get to know each other outside the office setting. We’re still talking about it weeks later!

Charles River Boat

The video looks great! I want you to know that we all had a good time and I can’t wait to share the video with the team. Thanks again guys for everything. Our SmartHunt in Chicago was an awesome event.

Kraft Foods

Thanks again for all your help with the SmartHunt! It was really great and the guests loved it. We look forward to seeing the completed photo and video clip show.

Ann Marie
Capital City Events, Inc.

Words cannot begin to say how tremendously the Impact team thinks of you all at Best Corporate Events. You all nailed the City SmartHunt program and our client was thrilled with the outcome! A very special shout out to your two facilitators, who went WAY above and beyond the call of duty! They were truly amazing. The assistants were also such a delight to work with, and all of our guests loved them! You truly have a very impressive team, all the way from Sales to Operations. Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to make this event the success that it was. You will definitely be hearing from us soon for future collaboration.

Impact Destinations & Events

We had a great SmartHunt event yesterday. Thank you for all of your efforts ahead of the program and thank you for sending such a wonderful facilitator. He was great with the guests – they all had a fabulous time. I look forward to seeing the video/slide show combo to send along to the client in about a week. Thank you!

Corinthian Events

Your Art Deco City SmartHunt on South Beach was a Home Run Guys! Thank you so very much!!! The group truly had a great time and we bystanders enjoyed it as well. We can’t wait to check the uploaded answers to make sure the winning team really won fair and square!

AlliedPRA South Florida

100% of our group loved their City Hunt! loved it! Getting on a personal level with co-workers whom you have only dealt with professionally was a great team building exercise. The most fun was working together with peers and seeing them laugh and have fun! A special thanks goes to your amazing to facilitator!

Lisa,   Texas Health HEB

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