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Competition to Collaboration® is a unique series of team collaboration activities with a powerful message of organizational synergy. This engaging session will impart to your group coaching and mentoring skills while celebrating the success of colleagues.

This activity requires forming the group into sub-teams, sent to 2 separate rooms, to work on separate initiatives. After several attempts during which they will be expected to improve upon their performance, they will each have set benchmarks for the other team to beat.

In one room, “Team A” engages in a series of activities such as Kaizen and Speed Order. With several quick rounds sandwiched between strategy meetings, the goal here is for the team to put together the fastest possible time.

Simultaneously, “Team B” is in their own space working on totally different challenges such as the frenetic, points-driven On Target or the financially driven Pipeline.

All of these challenges allow for multiple rounds and focus on continuous improvement with each team endeavoring to achieve the best possible result. It is key that teams may not observe each other during this first phase of the activity.

To their surprise, in the second phase of this activity participants are introduced to a new goal! Before they switch activities, they must now openly divulge information and strategies, which will position the other team to outperform their benchmark. With this new twist, success is now measured by their ability to help the other team to surpass their previous best effort!

This synergistic approach highlights the positive results of sharing best practices and has a powerful message of team collaboration and celebrating the success of our colleagues.

To ensure a great experience, aspects of this event may be modified for your group size, group makeup, time available, and other variables.

Competition to Collaboration® is a registered trademark of Best Corporate Events, LLC.

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Competition to Collaboration as a remote option!

Clients Talk About this Program

The logo for advent health.

We truly had so much fun with our entire Competition to Collaboration program! All of the activities and the debriefing discussions provided great team building opportunities. I received lots of feedback celebrating what a great day it was! Our facilitator was engaging, with an intentional understanding of the group dynamics. The debrief with observations to use going forward to continue the foundational work of collaborating was and is invaluable. I would 100% recommend this program and the facilitators!

Advent Health Medical Group
The logo for accenture high performance delivered.

The wrap up at the end of the session was great in recapping the activity that we went through and how it can apply to the work transformation that we are going through. Having the two groups collaborate on the different activities was the most fun. Yes, the activities helped break the ice and also help open the conversation up when solving issues. Our facilitator made sure the event was fun and was very flexible with our constantly changing schedules. Highly recommend this event to others.

Profile picture for metlife.

The cross-training between the two teams – forcing us to teach one another something was a great moment for the group. The camaraderie that the collaboration created was great. Our facilitator was a FANTASTIC leader and facilitator.

The logo for natoli.

Everyone participated with open minds. Everyone worked together as a TEAM and enjoyed the activities. When we requested feedback, many listed what they had learned. The opportunity to get to know people better from the other departments, individuals who normally don’t speak up with ideas did, critical thinking was applied, managers actually listened, communication was unbelievable, there was no “I” in team today, accept corrective criticism, if something didn’t work kept trying for better results.  These are just a few of the comments I received. The facilitators were awesome. 

The logo for freeflight systems.

The best part of the team building was having to explain to each other’s groups the rules of the activity. All of it was so fun, engaging and enjoyable. Our facilitator had perfect timing and pace of the event, kept us on our toes and offered a great explanation of the activities.

FreeFlight Systems
CEDA northwest self-help center logo

We received a lot of positive feedback from our group. The activities were fun, interactive, and enjoyable. Our facilitator was very pleasant and stayed on track and had a very positive energy.

Ascend health information technology logo.

The best aspect of the program was the message behind each activity. We enjoyed watching the leaders stand out during each activity, the collaboration between teams, and listening to all the support given to colleagues. We got the best feedback from our employees and everyone asked that we incorporate a team building activity in future company meetings! Our facilitator was great! He was clear, able to get our loud group’s attention, and keep us engaged during the entire time! Incredible experience! We definitely enjoyed it and can see ourselves incorporating this in future company meetings. 

Ascend Hit LLC
Charter communications logo on a white background.

Allowing our teams to interact together in a low-stress environment while working towards a common goal was a great team builder. The most fun was the competition aspect and having the competition elements revealed as the games went on versus all at the beginning. We all enjoyed our Competition to Collaboration program and your lead did an excellent job of facilitating.

Charter Communications
Jonas Fitness logo

Our Competition to Collaboration event was great but I liked the card challenge the best as we were forced to think on our feet and I noticed people who normally do not take the lead were stepping up into the role. Our group really enjoyed the activities. Several associates came up to me after the event to express their joy with the events. Our facilitator kept it fun while also maintaining control of the room. This is the second year we have used your services and we have not been disappointed.

Jones Fitness, Inc.
The logo for alexandria associates in dermatology.

Your Competition to Collaboration program did a great job making connections between the workplace and the activities. We’ve done about 7 other activities as an office and none made the connection between how we work together in and outside the office as well as this event. The wrap up at the end, where your lead facilitator made parallels between situations that we experienced in the team building exercises with situations that may/may not occur in the office, was great debrief.

Dr. Joanne
Alexandria Associates in Dermatology
Availity logo

Your lead facilitator was able to motivate even our most skeptical attendees. These were leaders of their respective organizations and they all got involved and excited. They loved the ‘twist’ to the definition of winning. It was that critical component of your Competition to Collaboration program that enticed us to choose it. And it worked!!

ABM logo

Our Competition to Collaboration event was extremely organized and fit into our goals well and aligned to our current challenges. The entire program was fun and I feel our group as a whole enjoyed the activities very much and had a great time. I think our lead facilitator and his team did an outstanding job!

Profile picture for lcor.

Both instructors were helpful with each activity and the program was extremely organized. I thought it was great that there was a team building theme, but that the event also incorporated some competition within the activities. The most fun was the pipeline activity but our group really enjoyed all the activities and I know that they liked the competition aspect of it.

LCOR Residential
Accenture logo on a white background.

The best part of this event was seeing the cycle times reduced significantly due to better communication, collaboration; working in teams with different people. All of it was really fun – in addition to being impactful. Your lead was a fabulous facilitator and we received positive feedback from everyone, even the most skeptical in the group. We would like to do something similar for the next level of leaders.

Louisiana federal logo on a white background.

I have heard statements like “this was the best Training Day activity EVER!!” Our group really enjoyed the activities. Everything was fun!! The best “team building” aspect was during the cross sharing of information where one team had to mentor and coach the other team on how to outscore them. I think the groups got excited the most when their team was competing. Your lead facilitator and his team are absolutely the BEST!! I got specific compliments on him and how engaging he was with the entire staff. We were extremely satisfied with our Competition to Collaboration program.

Louisiana Federal Credit Union
Gm logo on a blue square.

Our Competition to Collaboration event created a high level of interaction with clear lessons the group easily identified. All three of the challenge sessions were fun and your lead facilitator did a great job. I got excellent feedback from my boss and the team. With 1/3 of our team being new and the second day of work for most of them, this activity was spot on to get everyone working together. I was very impressed with the insights the team shared from the experience.

General Motors
Profile picture for dreamworks animation llc.

The P&G Dreamworks needed a little help with being a little less competitive and more collaborative. The Competition to Collaboration was exactly what we needed. The entire team quickly learned we could help each other and still be successful. Our team facilitator was great in helping us to learn what we could take back and incorporate into our workday to be more team focused. Thanks for helping us to become more team focused instead of “I” focused! Thanks again for everything!

P&G Dreamworks

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Program Details
Group Size:
Up to 1,000+
Team Size:
Program Length:
2.5 to 3 hours
Space Requirement:
30 sq. ft. per person, two independent flat outdoor areas or two separate indoor spaces.
Indoor / Outdoor
Program Elements
  • Collaboration & Accomplishing Common Goal
  • Individual and Team Development
  • Performance &Continuous Improvement
  • Relationship Building & Networking
What's Included?
Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes the team building program, prep, production coordination and all materials, program design, professional lead facilitator and staff.
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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326





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