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Igniting Team Performance Series (ITPS) is perfect for any group level.

Option 1: Newly formed groups
You are a newly formed group/project team, or perhaps you have a new- hire orientation and onboarding event. This fun and challenging program will emphasize fun and interactive collaborative engagement. Participants will get to know each other while engaging in activities that are challenging and help bond them together. It can also incorporate company mission and vision.

Option 2: Existing groups/project teams
You are an existing group/department or project team. Participants are introduced to a series of fun and fast-paced challenges that highlight the many attributes and benefits of great teambuilding. The program includes both individual and team-related takeaways for immediate workplace application.

Option 3: Teams that already work well together
Your team already works well together. Our most challenging series of difficult/complex initiatives will test the group’s ability related to goal setting, time and meeting management, communication, and leadership.

The Igniting Team Performance Series is a fun, fast-paced and dynamic training series that will measure and define your groups’ current teamwork ability while imparting lessons on goal-setting, leadership enhancement, and communication skills. Motivating facilitated process discussions will occur throughout the session, with emphasis on workplace application.

This program is delivered by challenging your team to complete a series of progressively difficult challenges. Guided conversations will uncover strengths and areas for improvement. By immediately turning these debrief lessons into action during the next introduced challenge, the group is well-positioned to deliver a better teamwork performance.

In essence, the ITP Series is a floating module that can be modified and adjusted by choosing from a large menu of team building activities, which are selected to fit the specific needs of your group. With dozens of initiatives to choose from based on the pre-program needs assessment, ITP Series participants will engage in a challenging interactive session.

Since you like this program, you may also consider Virtual Competition to Collaboration as a remote option!

Clients Talk About this Program

Our Igniting Team Performance event with Christa was nothing short of awesome, fantastic, and amazing! 😊

Christa – we can’t thank you enough for putting together the “spot-on” exercises that focused on the challenges our team is facing. Last night during our holiday dinner (while celebrating our victories) many comments and discussions were heard about the exercises and you as the facilitator. Everyone really enjoyed the afternoon.

Thanks for the lessons, reflection and focus. We hope we can see you again for an engaging event.

Deutsche Leasing USA, Inc.

This is a note to say thank you! You did an amazing job last week with our office retreat. My colleagues are still talking about how much fun they had and how engaging the activities were. We could be a “super engaging” group, but you handled it with such professionalism. Thank you for arriving early and taking time to get to know everyone prior to the beginning of the activities. The activities involved in Igniting Team Performance were well organized and flowed very well. I especially like the way you brought everything together in the end during the wrap-up/discussion. I am happy that we decided to go with “Best Corporate Events”!

Intramural Training & Education

It was great to have everyone really into what was going on. And the added conversation and teachings from your lead facilitator were a great plus. Would have loved to do more games, but all the time we spent was valuable! The best team building aspect of our Igniting Team Performance program was everyone being engaged in what was happening. The games and the competition are both fun and our group as a whole enjoyed the activities very much.


Your Igniting Team Performance event rocked. Once again–you all hit a HOME RUN! The “stock market” exchange activity was great and your lead facilitator was fantastic! It’s been a pleasure to work with you in the last 4 years and we look forward to the next event!

Legal Marketing Association

Our group loved their Igniting Team Performance Event. All the participants were engaged. The best teambuilding aspect of the program was the card sorting challenge and the most fun was the zoom activity. The program was very well organized. Your lead facilitator was energetic and engaging and provided tasks to our group that could be easily linked to our job responsibilities.

Johnson & Johnson

I wanted to share a few of the verbatim comments from the participants. You did a great job scoring 4.7/5! #1: Great session. Loved the interactive exercises coupled with the networking. Highly recommend this be done across the firm. #2. The best networking session, achieving more than the rest of the sessions combined from this perspective. #3. The silent card exercise brought home the point that once the team understands its mission you should trust them to execute. #4. The lead facilitator was excellent at combining great exercises with good energy and networking. Have him back!

J.P. Morgan

The best part of our Igniting Team Performance program was the way the facilitator incorporated and reinforced that the team building program is about communication, about collaboration, about working together in the work place for a common result regardless of the individual department goals and individual performance goals. He was very good at tying this all back into we are all “one Team”. OrthoSensor collectively! And he did so while engaging the employees through fun activities, great communication to the group and continuously wrapping it back into our work world. The actual activities he delivered were very engaging and fun all at once. Everyone continues to talk about how much they enjoyed the day and how much fun they had doing. Great experience, your facilitator has great presentation skills and a great personality. Truly enjoyed working with him from my HR side. To quote a few employees “it surpassed our expectations and we had a blast”.


The opportunity for the teams to de-brief, sharing with each other what they did in their circles and preparing them for success when they would have the opportunity to complete the task was a great team builder. The communication aspects the program were fun, as was putting together the puzzle pieces which allowed for communication with employees they do not typically interact with. The feedback received was very positive. Great facilitators!

Robert W. Woodruff Library of the Atlanta University Center

The Igniting Team Performance program your company delivered to the Project Management Institute was extremely organized. The peer education aspect was the best team building aspect of the program and the competitive nature made it fun. Your lead facilitator was excellent and our group really enjoyed the program.

Project Management Institute

Our Igniting Team Performance program was extremely well organized and gave our groups to opportunity to experience their natural styles. It was fun watching the groups discover their strengths and opportunities. The program definitely met our expectations and your lead facilitator did an awesome job connecting with the teams and being flexible to meet their needs across both days.

RJ Reynolds

We used your team to close our Winter Conference with an Igniting Team Performance program. Your lead facilitator did a fantastic job of using activities to drive home points around teamwork, collaboration, and leadership. He brought together a diverse group of storeowners, corporate staff, and vendors and had them fully engaged throughout the entire session. It was a highlight of the conference not just because the attendees really enjoyed themselves, but more so because it reinforced and put into practice many of the things we’d been talking about. Couldn’t be happier with the session!

Do It Best Corp.

The Igniting Team Performance program you delivered for our client was extremely well organized. The group really loved it – the whole program. They had a great time and were very engaged. Your lead facilitator was amazing – as usual!

Corinthian Events

Our Igniting Team Performance and SmartHunt events were extremely well organized. Being able to incorporate the activities all outdoors and making it more social was a great team builder for our group. Your facilitator was an excellent program leader. Both programs were great and our group really enjoyed all aspects of the events.

Reynolds American Services Company

The Analysis Group LOVED their Igniting Team Performance team building event a couple of weeks ago. It was such a success that they want to engage Best Corporate Events again for their event next year! I would guess that they won’t know just what they want yet, but that they want your company to be a part of their program. Cheers-

Corinthian Events, A Global DMC Partner

The interaction during the program made it fun. Having to pair up with someone we didn’t know on the last exercise forced us to work with and relate to someone unfamiliar and adapt to their skills, personality, style. I think the fact that we were error free with our puzzle pieces ended on a high note and made people feel like we have a great ability for teamwork. The reaction has been very strongly positive. Being a law firm, our folks can be skeptical and slow to adapt but they were engaged immediately and participated without any difficulty thanks to the skilled facilitation.

Trenam Law

Your company was very responsive to our questions about our Igniting Team Performance program and the event itself was extremely organized. Your facilitator was knowledgeable about our goal, motivating, and just great. Our group all enjoyed it and said the “numbers in a circle” activity was the most fun. Your facilitator was excellent and really made the whole program top notch.

SuddenLink Media

Our Igniting Team Performance program was amazing. All that worry, pre-event, was so unnecessary. Your lead facilitator did a beautiful job and had the group so engaged. So fun! We will definitely use Best Corporate Events in the future. Thanks again for all of your patience with my first event.

Hendrick Automotive Group

Your Igniting Team Performance program got very positive feedback from our staff.  They even requested more of these types of events in the future. Thank you.

Providence Englewood Charter School

We had a fantastic afternoon with Igniting Team Performance and your lead facilitator was the main reason behind this. He really supported us and delivered exercises that had clear deliverables and helped improve trust, communication and got us thinking as a team. He was energetic but not in a patronizing way. He was excellent and very approachable and was able to be flexible in his approach. We have a European kick off and want to do this with the European team. Kind Regards!


We truly enjoyed the event.  I was put off a little bit when I first walked in and saw the highboys and no chairs.  It was the end of a very long day in Vegas and my two colleagues and I had been in Vegas since Saturday, very tired feet!

It quickly became apparent that this was going to me a interactive event and we would not be standing in one place listening to talking heads.  We ended up asking the facilitators to let us extend and try just “one more time”, twice!

It was great!  Your company assisted us with an event this past year in Utah.and that event was wonderful as well.

The Lane Group

Igniting Team Performance – Lots of Fun! Great opportunity to learn about your employees strengths and weaknesses when working on a team project.


Igniting Team Performance was a great way to get a group of people that don’t know each other motivated to talk to each other and finding ways to work together to complete a project.


Thanks once again for offering these great sessions. I really enjoyed the afternoon session and felt very energized afterwards – I can definitely say that everybody else in the room felt the same way.

IMEX Group

The Igniting Team Performance session that I attended at Smart Monday was excellent!! It was a really worthwhile addition to the program. Very interesting topics, some didactic workshops and engaged delegates. You guys nailed it!!

Events & Management

I really enjoyed the Igniting Team Performance session with the decks of cards, what an amazing and fun session. It helped illustrate how strategy really comes together when different perspectives are shared. It was also invaluable to learn a completely different approach to the one we were practicing.

We tweeted about your session last week, and wanted to thank you and your team for sharing your expertise with us all.

Very much appreciated!

Idea Incentives, Inc.

Igniting Team Performance – I loved it!  The segment provided all that IMEX requested of your team…despite being the last segment of an already-long day, I left feeling upbeat and refreshed.  Who knew!  Also a very interesting display of many personalities at work, as well. That the segment was so positively received did not come as a surprise as I used your team at another successful event.  You guys were great!

Thanks for the chance to tell you as much…

The Lane Group

I am happy to report that the feedback from our Igniting Team Performance event exceeded our expectations. The program was rich with opportunities to develop relationships, new learning’s and teamwork, and, as we hoped, was a lot of fun! Please extend our appreciation to the team for developing and delivering a program that was both valuable and enjoyable. I look forward to working with you again.

DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co.

I never knew competition could be so fun! With all the Igniting Team Performance activities going on all at once and teams vying to dominate the scoreboard, I saw energy and passion that I have not seen in 9 years with this company!

Broadcast Music Industry (BMI)

I wanted to send a thank you for working with me on the event last night! The clients were so thrilled and the guests had a blast. Your facilitator was great… on time, enthusiastic and great to work with. Megan from my office will be reaching out today with another program, so look for her email. Thanks so much!

Accent on Indianapolis

I just wanted to provide some feedback on the event whilst it was still fresh. We thought the session went extremely well, everybody got involved, even the staff that I know don’t particularly like these types of events. Both of your facilitators were clear and good fun and helped to make the event a success. I will certainly look to use you guys again as team building for us will be an annual event. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for a successful Igniting Team Performance event. The pre-work you did in understanding the goal for the day, and customization really helped make the activity relevant to The Big Picture. I’ve heard terrific feedback from the participants. I look forward to working with you again.

Unilever HPC

The Igniting Team Performance event at the One Ocean Resort yesterday was “Outstanding”!! Your lead facilitator did an incredible job in getting that event completed in 2 hours. Our client was absolutely thrilled with the exercise and the results. The great debrief overview at the end and the client was very impressed. I watched and saw the team morph from ‘oh here we are another event again’ to totally immersed in the exercises and the results. The client was providing feedback and commentary on what they were learning, etc. I was in the corporate world for over 33 years and never had a team-building event done as exceptional this one. Truly remarkable, I was very impressed. I can really sell this one easily now to our corporate clients. Thank you for all your help and please pass on my great appreciation of the exemplary execution of this event.

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    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

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