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Virtual Best Corporate Feud is our fun, fast-paced corporate game show that can be played by groups large and small, with a facilitator to ensure all participants are engaged and enjoying the action!

With all of the high-spirited fun and excitement of a live game show, this engaging competition will pit remote individuals/teams against each other in a contest to identify the most popular responses to thought-provoking survey questions.

Virtual Best Corporate Feud has a real game show feel with captivating graphics and fun sound effects.  Utilizing your preferred Virtual Conferencing platform, the answer board is projected in real-time to all of the players. You can even supply up to five of your own questions in this raucous game that is sure to delight the virtual crowd as much as the contestants.

After a fun face-off, contestants compete to take control of the game. With fast-paced rounds, teams can win based on securing the most points, or perhaps the two top-scoring teams can move to play in the Finals, and to see who will be the Virtual Best Corporate Feud champions!

Your high-energy virtual gameshow comes complete with a dynamic Master of Ceremonies, sound effects, and music. Virtual Best Corporate Feud is ideally anywhere from 60 to 75 minutes in length.

This program can be delivered as a Hybrid Event.

Virtual Best Corporate Feud is a parody of the popular game show. This game is not affiliated with or endorsed by Fremantle Media, owner of the registered trademark Family Feud®.

Clients Talk About this Program

Everyone said they enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud experience. The answers some of the team members came up with were so funny and the group relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Our host Paul was friendly, and very personable – he did a great job.

Baker Hughes

We very much enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud program! It was great because we had 3 new employees who were thrown into breakout rooms and they got to know the other staff. It was a great way to get together during these trying times. Excellent event, everyone had a lot of fun!


Did we enjoy our event? YES!!!! All of it was so much fun! We loved the host inviting everyone in and making them feel like a part of the experience. Our host Bradley was amazing – interactive, fun & relatable. I loved how he made everyone comfortable in the beginning logging in and even pulled up a video someone spoke about to enjoy before the event began 🙂 🙂 🙂 He helped along the bonding aspect of the activity by calling out people by name and allowing conversations. Overall, this was a fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks!

Ellenhorn, LLC
Our group enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud event. The whole activity was fun! It was a nice bonding opportunity to learn more about our team members across the globe. I have heard many of the participants mention how much fun it was – lots of thanks!
Black Box

Everyone enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud event. It was fun, enjoyable, and not too long. The banter amongst the teams as we learned the remaining top answers was the best part! It was a great bonding experience that we were able to interreact and have a laugh with our customers Bradley was a fabulous host. Great communication in preparation for our event. He got everyone motivated and kept things moving through the game. Overall, it was a great event and Bradley was a fabulous host. I will recommend Best Corporate Events!

Capital One

Did we enjoy Virtual Best Corporate Feud? We sure did! It was so much fun competing with one another in a fun way. The program helped enhance the solid camaraderie that was in place for our group. We felt like our host (Paul) was one of us…that guy should be on TV! This was perfect, the most fun we’ve had as a group in a long time!! Let’s do it again!


Our group definitely enjoyed Virtual Best Corporate Feud! The energy was great, and the activity was easy to understand. Just working as a team in a casual environment really helped to bond the group. Our host Bradley was great and really adapts to his audience. Everyone had fun!

Spencer Stuart
Our group absolutely enjoyed their Best Corporate Feud event! Our facilitator Paul was great with this group, it was so fun that interaction was encouraged. The players were able to banter and be competitive with each other, which created a great opportunity to bond as a team. I could tell, everyone had a great time!
PRA Business Events

THIS WAS OUTSTANDING!! We had such a great time and loved all of the bantering and engagement between the teams. Bradley was AMAZING! He really engaged everyone and did such a great job keeping the event flowing without any hiccups, which is nearly impossible in a virtual setting. It didn’t disappoint. We divided the groups into teams, where the teammates didn’t work closely together. This allowed for each member to connect with someone outside their circle. People had so many good things to say from ‘this was super fun’ to ‘one of the best virtual events we’ve done’ to ‘let’s do it again!’ to simply ‘LOVED THIS’.  So many laughs! We can’t wait to do this again!


We give Virtual Corporate Feud with Best Corporate Events 5 out of 5 stars! Through this activity, our group honed their listening skills while people had fun working together as a team. Our host Paul was engaging and witty and kept the fast-paced game moving with the banter between participants. It was fabulous!

Acadia Insurance

Our Best Corporate Feud game show was a hit! The most fun was the banter between our group and the host. It was a great team bonding activity because some new folks were mixed on teams and got to know each other. The feedback we got was that our group thought your host was excellent and the event was a ton of fun.

Trevor Day School

On behalf of the entire team at Deloitte, we wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you Paul & Libby, and also the team at Best Corporate Events for partnering with us to deliver SUCH a memorable event last Friday!! I captured an awesome screenshot during the call, and attached it here, in case you wanted to use that as promo material in the future. I have received nothing but positive feedback from my team members who were at the event – It truly brought a huge smile to all of our faces and we will remember it forever! Paul – You are a true natural at what you do!! We’ll keep Best Corporate Events in mind for upcoming socials for sure.

Deloitte LLP

We had a great time with Paul as our Host for Virtual Best Corporate Feud Game! The participants had a great time working individually and in teams answering the questions and declaring an overall winning team. Look forward to using Best Corporate Events & TeamBuilding again in the future.


As a whole, our group enjoyed their Virtual Best Corporate Feud game show. The most fun was that they were all able to participate and interact, especially because we have all been home working for the past year. Our host Paul was great, and I can’t think of a thing I would have changed.


“It was great! Your facilitator is WONDERFUL to work with. As a 3rd party event/meeting planner, I am obsessive about details and he made my role easy and enjoyable. On game day, he made me feel confident we would have a wonderful teambuilding event. And we did! Your entire team made the experience delightful. Everyone in the process was ‘on point,’ friendly, and helpful. Looking forward to doing another event together.”

Destination Paradise

Our company enjoyed its Virtual Best Corporate Feud program. The most fun was interacting with everyone and of course, playing the game. I like the team bonding at was created by randomly drawing people for the different teams. The feedback did you receive from your teammates was that they loved it and thanked me for putting it together. Your facilitator was interactive with everyone and kept things moving. Very nice gentleman.



Medical Transportation Management

Our host Paul was great, and the event was well organized. The entire group Loved their Virtual Best Corporate Feud program especially when it called for two contestants to face off. I got lots of positive feedback from our AstraZeneca team at the event.


The Virtual Best Corporate Feud event you delivered for our client was extremely organized. The group said they enjoyed it and had a lot of fun figuring out the answers that were on the board. Paul was a great instructor, and I would work with him again!


We only received positive feedback (it was our first remote event as a company). It was great being in teams, just having fun together. It was good that we had mixed groups from different teams (people you usually don’t talk to every day) because it helped to bond our group. Good atmosphere, everyone enjoyed the vibe, time flew by. We are all international and some people did not get some of the Survey questions, but I guess that’s what having teammates to help is all about :-))

MBition GmbH

Yesterday’s Virtual Best Corporate Feud was a huge success. I received positive feedback from my client that she received positive feedback from her attendees. All in all, it was the BEST we could have asked for. Your team has been absolutely outstanding, and I can say with certainty there will be no hesitation to recommend your organization for future events.

The team had a great time – lots of laughter! The debate on answers was insane and so much fun to watch and be a part of. I like that small teams of people, who don’t normally work together, found themselves collaborating – leaders emerged as team captains!  Our host, Paul was fun and engaging and went with the flow of our crazy need to clarify things and debate answers to death! He kept things moving and kept the energy level high and the tone fun and entertaining! So much fun! Outstanding!!


Everyone enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud game show. Paul, our host, made it the best. Getting to know the team members regarding how humorous or serious they were as far as personality really helped to bring our team together. We got very positive feedback and won’t change a thing!

RJ Reynolds

From the entire GAFA team, I want to say a HUGE Thank You for yesterday’s Virtual Corporate Feud event. It was great and your facilitator Paul was a huge contributor to that. The team loved having him as a host. He was funny, entertaining, and thought on his feet when Santa was throwing curveballs. Thank you for making it a really special event for all of us. We would like you to come back and host something else for us in the second half of the year.

Ernst & Young, LLP

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our Virtual Best Corporate Feud game show and wished we had more time. The competitiveness and the host who was able to read the room quickly. The event was very organized and your host Paul was awesome!!

ICV Partners

The most memorable part of our virtual event was your host who was very funny and engaging throughout the game show. We gave him a 5 out of 5 in our review. Our staff said that your Best Corporate Feud game show was very organized and better than they had expected!


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the game show and you did a really great job hosting!  To me, it seems as though the whole group enjoyed it too.  We’ll have to try out a different game next time or one of the other offerings. We’ll be in touch!  Thanks again for everything!


Fresenius Kabi USA

The Best Corporate Feud game show program your company delivered was very well organized. The competition was a great team builder and working together as a team was really fun. Our group enjoyed their game show very much.

AM Retail Group

Our group REALLY enjoyed this event! The game show host was awesome. He kept everyone engaged and the game flowing. The event was extremely well organized and face-offs were the most fun. There was complete employee involvement via the teams, which made it a great team builder.

ForeScout Technologies, Inc.

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