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When you combine state of the art gaming with our engaging and interactive professional hosts – you get Virtual Trivia Blast! Virtual Trivia Blast is a full participant, full engagement, interactive game show, the perfect virtual entertainment break from your virtual meetings and conferences.

All participants play the game on their apple or android device. With a mix of multiple-choice, true/false, and fill in the blank trivia questions, the faster players respond correctly, the more points they earn!

In a fun and energetic battle, participants will be tested in their knowledge of pop culture, sports, science, history, movies, music, and fashion, pop culture, and more. As participants attempt to be quickest we encourage the “excuse exchanges” that are inevitable. This fun banter between participants builds upon the game show feel and adds to the team camaraderie.

Each player goes to a gaming site to enter the unique pin for their game – this turns your device into an audience response pad! Our interactive host will welcome the group, introduce the game, and explain question types and scoring. Players will choose a name that will appear on the scoreboard and the main screen when they are the fastest to respond.

Players then compete in a mix of trivia rounds to earn as many points as possible.  Virtual Trivia Blast questions are customizable or can be themed.

Check out our Holiday Game Shows for a fun and festive edition of this program. And ask about our City-Specific and Collegiate Virtual Trivia Blasts!

Short on Time? This program also comes in a 30-minute virtual version for live meeting breaks. All participants play the game on their Apple or Android device (no app to download, participants play through a website), individually or in groups sharing a device.

Clients Talk About this Program

The community college of baltimore county logo.

Our group had fun with our Virtual Trivia Blast! The group bonded through friendly competition, and they enjoyed the diverse trivia questions. Our host Russ did a nice job of keeping everyone engaged and connected. He provides great background knowledge and interesting tidbits!

Community College of Baltimore
The logo for thought spot.

Your host Russ made our Virtual Trivia Blast very fun and engaging. We really like the fun facts he introduced throughout the game. Our team loves to jab at each other, in a fun way, and the trivia game helped make that happen. The feedback I got was they all loved it and send big thank you and praises to your team.

The qbe logo on a blue background.

Our group enjoy the event and really got into it. The most fun were the answers the team gave and some of the answers on the board. We wondered who was surveyed sometimes!! The competition and camaraderie were all in good fun. All in all. A very positive experience! Your facilitator Mychelle was enthusiastic throughout the event. She did a great job as the host!

QBE Meetings & Events
ScanSource logo

Your facilitator Russ is great! such a nice person and easy to work with. He does a great job, and this is my 3rd event with him. The program was a good way to get people to meet from different teams and the polling part was really fun. Our Group had a great time with their Virtual Trivia Blast program.

Pfizer logo on a white background.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed our Virtual Trivia event. It was tremendous fun! It was great to compete against one another in a relaxed and enjoyable (virtual) setting. Our colleagues took great pleasure in seeing the rankings and watching them change. We were all able to laugh together in a friendly competition, which was certainly needed. Definitely a great activity to get everyone involved. Siobhan was terrific and kept things lively! I would certainly recommend your services to my Pfizer colleagues. Thank YOU!

Ron,  Pfizer

Lord abbett's logo on a white background.

Our Virtual Trivia Blast game show was very organized and the feedback I received from the participants was all positive! The entire time was fun and I wouldn’t change a thing. Your facilitator Russ was an excellent host ad kept everyone engaged.

Lord Abbett & Co, LLC
Profile picture for pcma.

I wanted to say a HUGE heartfelt thank you for delivering your Virtual Trivia Blast to our organization. We were so pleased with the turnout and your host. I felt like everyone got really into the trivia, it was hard not to. And I definitely learned tons of fun facts about Boston that I didn’t know before. I couldn’t have asked for a better first virtual PCMA social event, thank you again!


PCMA New England
ScanSource logo

It was a very organized Virtual experience. Our group loved their Virtual Trivia Blast! Actually, they had a blast! Your host was very interactive with our guests. He had a lot of knowledge of the subject and kept us entertained the entire time. Hats off to Russ, he was great, and we want to use him again!


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Program Details
Group Size:
30 to 1,000+
Team Size:
Program Length:
60 to 75 minutes
Space Requirement:
Program Elements
  • Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Friendly Competition
  • Fun &Engaging Interaction
  • Relationship Building & Networking
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Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

    If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

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    Request a Quote

    Programs can be delivered anywhere in North America.

      If you have immediate questions, please contact us at:

      Phone: 800.849.8326





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