How to Resolve the Return-to-the-Office Dilemma

A group of people implementing return-to-office solutions at a desk.

Few topics have garnered as much attention and coverage in the business press recently as return-to-the-office plans. Many corporations want employees back at the office after years of virtual presence. Many employees, having grown accustomed to working remotely and avoiding the commute, are resisting. To achieve a win-win for both business performance and employee satisfaction, managers are figuring out the need to take steps such as making a compelling case for returning to the office.

Top Secrets of High-Performing Teams: Insights from Harvard Business Review

A high-performing team giving each other high fives in an office.

Every organization wants to build high-performing teams. But too often, leadership efforts focus on myths or misconceptions about how to achieve high performance. This post exposes some of those myths, sets the record straight, and provides practical research-based guidance. Following his 2021 Harvard Business Review article, 5 Things High-Performing Teams Do Differently, leadership consultant and […]

How to Build a Top-Performing Remote Team

A man writing in a notebook at his desk.

What if you could recruit a high-performing team of professionals to improve your business and boost your daily operations? Even better, what if you could do so without having to increase your rent costs, hiring a recruiter, or investing in benefits packages and other incentives? The fact is, you can hire an expert remote team to ensure business success, and it’s simpler than you might expect.

Virtual Now…and into the Future

A businessman holding a tablet displaying the future of virtual events on a world map.

There will always be a place for virtual programs in the events sphere, with or without the requirements of social distancing. We had some key takeaways as we reflected on what it would mean for the future of virtual events.